"Sultan AU: among the courtesan there is a story about a witch that could grant any wish you have, as long as you can pay the price. Her price could be anything, from an artifact to something intangible, like a memory or feeling. No one, but the most desperate look for her, since her works usually cause despair among her clients. 1/2" —Anonymous


Rumor says that she only appears to those who are destined to meet her. The night before Hannibal is about to marry his future queen, Will notices that there is a woman sitting by his tree. And he can’t help but think she is the witch. Just what would he be willing to sacrifice to be able to be with Hannibal? 2/2

I love the idea that Will would be willing to do anything to have Hannibal as his, he’s so in love, but idk what to have him give up. Any ideas?

make it reaaaaallllyyy sad.

because the witch promises she will make will a prince, and ensure hannibal will love and marry him, but she will do it so that hannibal won’t ever recognise will as the concubine he once cared so dearly for. in fact, she will do it so that the sultan thinks will-the-concubine died tragically somehow, and will can never tell hannibal the truth or else the witch will return things to how they should have rightfully been.

which means that will must silently watch hannibal suffer through a broken heart that never quite heals.

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